The Royal Family

Denise Wolin-Gore

Chief Executive Officer

Denise Wolin-Gore is the CEO & President of Royal Pets Market & Resort, and has led the team throughout the designing and implementation of all Royal Pets Market locations. Prior to Royal Pets Market & Resort, Denise served PetSmart for 15 years and during her last years was appointed and served as the Vice President of Store Operations and Services for all US stores. Prior to PetSmart, Denise operated an independent chain for 10 years. Denise is a pet parent to 4 beautiful SharPei "fur-kids:" Lila, Ema, Charlotte and Hensley.

Dr. Bryan McGoldrick, DVM

Chief Veterinary Officer

Dr. Bryan McGoldrick is Royal Pet’s Chief Veterinary Officer. A graduate of the University of Illinois 1998, he started his career as a large and small animal veterinarian in Wisconsin where he practiced for 5 years before calling Florida his home. Since 2003, he has owned and operated an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited veterinary practice in Palm Harbor, Florida. He is a member of the AVMA, FVMA, and AAHA, and enjoys reaching out at local community by volunteering his time at the local schools and community events. Dr. Bryan and his lovely wife, Kris, have three great kids, a Chocolate Lab named, “Chevy," and three awesome, but mischievous cats named, "Alex, Pumpkin, and Oliver."

Store Development Team

Joseph Gore

Director of New Store Development

Joe has vast experience in managing large retail stores, both within and outside the pet industry. Prior to Royal Pets Market & Resort, he spent 10 years with PetSmart. Joe, along with his wife, Denise, is also proud pet parents to 4 beautiful Shar-Pei "fur-kids": Lila, Ema, Charlotte and Hensley.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Executive Assistant / Project Manager

Vanessa Rodriguez was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and has been a member of the company for the last four years. She is currently pursuing a degree in the field of Agricultural Education. She is a mom to 3 beautiful four-legged babies: Milo, a Bassaetdoodle, Minnie, a Miniature Shar-Pei, and Wasabi, a Yorkshire Terrier.

Store Operations Team

Cassie Bock

Merchandise Operations Manager

Cassie Bock has worked in the pet industry for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of retail and manufacturing.

She is a grandmother of 5 and a proud parent to 3 four-legged "fur-kids."

Amy Bolin

Salon Operations Manager

​Amy Bolin graduated from the Paragon School of Grooming and received her Masters in Grooming certification under the direction of Melissa Verplank,​ author of the “Notes From the Grooming Table." Amy makes it her priority to ensure Holistic care, quality service, and masterful grooming techniques throughout Royal Pets' Salon's. She is a loving mother of 3 fur babies: Sophie, Hector, and Quincy as well as a mother to a 5 year old son, "Kyle."

Finance & Administration Team

Brooke Morley

Finance Manager & Staff Accountant

Graduating from University of South Florida with a Master’s of Accountancy degree, Brooke Morley has 15 years of experience in the financial accounting field. As the Finance Manager & Staff Accountant, her role is quintessential to the company's strategic team and financial planning. Her family includes a golden doodle named, “Charlie,” a daughter named, “Emma” and a son named, “Jaxson.”

Patty Vazquez

Operations Administrator

Patricia Vazquez graduated from University of Ecuador with a Masters in Business and has been living in the states for the past 26 years. Largely involved in Human Resources, she also assists in financial planning and accounting documentation. Patricia is a loving mother of Draco, a Schnauzer, as well as a mother of two daughters named, “Stephanie” and “Michelle.”

Marketing & Design Team

Liza Mackey

Director of Marketing & Creative Services

Liza graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale at the top of her class with an award winning portfolio. Prior to joining the Royal Pets team, Liza spent 5 years working in the field in advertising as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. She has played a main role in the design of our store graphics and marketing, and will continue to build upon the Royal Pets Market & Resort brand as we grow. Liza, along with her husband, Chuck, are proud parents to a “two-legged baby” named “Luke,” and a furry, “four-legged baby” Pug named, “Fenway ‘Muffin Man’ Mackey.”

Graham Nix

Marketing Promotions Manager

Graham graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in Marketing & Finance. He plays a large role in our event planning and social media creation. He’s a natural when it comes to photography, videography and works with our Marketing Director to create fun and interesting campaigns and promotions. Graham enjoys spending his free time with his wife, Nicole, and his puppy Affenpinscher named, “Toothless.”