Bull Dogs

  • Brachycephalic syndrome—pushed in nose breeds will have stenotic nares (nostrils are closed down), elongated soft palate and large laryngeal folds which both can cause loud respiratory sounds (snoring) and compromised respirations

  • Overheat quickly

  • Facial and Tail skin folds harbor bacteria and yeast causing dermatitis. Daily medicated wipes will help a lot along with maintenance bathing

  • Birthing (whelping) problems—many born via C-section.

  • (Yes that is something we can do at our RPVC!)

  • Interdigital abscesses—abscesses that arise in between the toes Using cleansing wipes often can help deter the abscesses.

Breed Product Recommendations:
  • Tropiclean for oral hygiene

  • Fresh Pet Cleansing Wipes